Don’t miss the athletic spectacle this weekend

On the eve of the European Athletics Championship – the 2nd League, which will be held on August 10 and 11 at the Sloboda Stadium in Varaždin, Deputy Mayor Tomislav Paljak received Ivan Veštić, President of the Croatian Athletic Association, on August 8, and Ivan Domislović, Vice President of the Alliance.

– This Saturday and Sunday we will have an athletic spectacle, where we will have the opportunity to see more than 700 athletes from 12 national teams, including Croatia, for which our most prominent athletes will perform. The European Athletics Championship is the largest athletic event in Croatia this year and the largest in Varaždin County after 30 years. Interesting and exciting performances await us, as only the best national team in the total of 20 disciplines will qualify for the Premier League, while as many as five will drop out. It is an honor to welcome Mr. Veštić and Mr. Domislović, and together we invite you to come to Liberty and cheer all the athletes – said Deputy Paljak.

Croatian Athletic Association President Ivan Veštić thanked Varaždin County for its assistance.

– The county became actively involved and supported us, which made it much easier and better. In Croatia, we do not often have the opportunity to host such a great event, and we are particularly pleased that it is hosted by Varaždin. It was necessary to win the competition in great competition, and it was decided that Varaždin and Varaždin County have excellent athletic history and all the necessary infrastructure. The stadium is already lively today, tomorrow is the official training and on Saturday and Sunday the top competitions. This may be a different league, but only in terms of scoring. Each team brings top honors and greats to this competition. Olympic and world champions will perform in Varaždin, and I especially emphasize our Sandra Perković, as one of the best athletes in the world, and Olympic winner Sarah Kolak, Ludbrežanka, who made her first steps right here at Freedom – said Veštić.

As many as five athletes from Varaždin County will compete at the Sloboda Stadium, who have won the Croatian national team.

– With Sara Kolak in the javelin throw, Mirko Mičuda, the great returner in the hammer throw, will perform, followed by Kristina Dudek in the 400 meter race, standard national team player Lucia Pokos in the 200 meters and Karlo Marciuš in the relay – announced Ivan Domislović, Vice President and President Athletic Club Sloboda Varaždin.

On Saturday and Sunday, August 10 and 11, competitions start at 3pm and run until 8pm, and it’s important to note that admission to the Stadium Sloboda is free.

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