Great atmosphere in Varaždin

On the first day of the competition we won a favorable result. I thank all our team members for their hard work and desire. Tonight we will do an analysis of the results, tomorrow I expect our national team to have maximum fight – said Mladen Katalinić, the coach of the Croatian athletics team after the first competitive day at the European Championship in Athletics – 2nd league, which started today in Varaždin.

The first competition day at the Stadium Sloboda in Varaždin was full of excitement and great results. The first ten points for Croatia in the championship were won by Anamari Kožul in the hammer throw. She reached the third position with a shot of 64.79 meters and achieved the same result in the first series.

– This is a team competition and I’m glad I scored ten points for Croatia, although I’m not satisfied with my shot. It’s nice here in Varaždin, the organizers did a good job – said Anamari Kožul.

Second-placed Slovenian Barbara Špiler finished ahead of her with a shot of 64.85 meters, while Latvian Laura Igaune took first place with 66.82 meters.

Very interesting was the women’s 400m hurdles race, where she won the silver from the 2016 Rio Olympics in Sara Slott Petersen. She celebrated with a time of 55.76, and raised the audience to their feet.

– I scored 12 points for the team and that’s the most important thing. I was hoping for a faster time, but I need to find a rhythm, not think too much, and I’ll be even faster. Of course, it’s always nice to win – said Sara Slott Petersen, a Danish national team player who, in addition to Olympic silver, also has gold from the 2016 European Championships.

The second place was won by Slovenian Agata Župin with a time of 58.36, while the third was our Ida Šimunčić with a time of 58.66 seconds.

– I’m pleased because the result of the season is here. I had a good rhythm, there was a bit of a lack of speed.

The real treat was the women’s 100m race, which was expected to be won by Bulgarian – Ivet Lalova – Collio, with a time of 11.51 seconds.

– Because of the wind in my chest, I had problems because I’m a light sprinter after all. But I succeeded and won. “I’m happy,” said Lalova – Collio.

Second was Slovenian Maja Mihalinec with a time of 11.56, and third was Israel’s Diana Vaisman with a time of 11.64.

At the European Championship, the norms for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics also fell. This was done by a Slovenian jumper with the Tina Šutej pole.

She started her flight only after an hour, jumping from the first height of 4.25 meters. In the end, she won first place without any competition with a leap of 4.70 meters.

– The wind was causing us problems and it was very hot. I am happy because I was able to achieve the norm for the Olympics, for which I will now be able to prepare without much pressure – Slovenian Tina Šutej told us.

At its level, it was not the Estonian Magnus Kirt, whose spear in Finland flew 90.61 meters at the end of June this year. This time in Varaždin, the first shot was 81.47 meters.

– Of course I’m not happy, I’m just not in the best shape. That’s a big lesson ahead of the Doha World Cup, where I have to be at a higher level – said left-handed pitcher Kirt, who scored 12 points for Estonia.

The first 12 points for Luxembourg were won by ball thrower Bob Bertemes, who threw the ball at 21.62 meters, while Filip Mihaljević finished second with 21.03.

– It’s important that I’m healthy three weeks after the injury. The ball was very interesting, and this was the third competition in a row that I had crossed 21 meters. The World Cup is aimed at the finals and attacking the Croatian record of 21.83 meters – emphasized Mihaljević.

The first place for the Croatian national team and 12 points was won by Sandra Perković with a shot of 68.58 meters

– Today was my day, and I hope another competitive day will be Sarah Kolak’s day. I did the warm-up, got a little scared and threw the first shot safely. In the second series, I ripped the disc apart and I’m surprised it wasn’t a long shot. The atmosphere in Varaždin is great, and the most important thing for me was to win 12 points for Croatia – Perković concluded.

The results of the first day of competition for the European Athletics Championships – League Two can be seen here:

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