Many compliments to Varaždin for organizing the European Championship

With the distribution of the winning plaques and the banquet of all participants on Sunday evening at the Student Campus in Varaždin, the European Championships in Athletics – League 2 ended.

The highest score in the two-day competition was accumulated by the national team of Estonia, which achieved victory and placement in the higher ranking of the competition. The plaque was handed to the captain of the national team by Erich Teigamägi, a delegate of the European Athletic Federation.

Slovenia took second place, to which they congratulated Ivan Veštić, President of the HAS, and it was an honor for Deputy Mayor Zlatan Avar to be handed the plaque for third place by the captain of the Danish national team.

On the eve of the plaque distribution, the deputy mayor of Varaždin, Zlatan Avar, thanked the Croatian Athletic Association and President Ivan Veštić and the European Athletic Federation and its delegate, Erich Teigamegi, by handing over the symbol of the City of Varaždin – a replica of the historic coat of arms.

The championship was held in a great atmosphere in front of the filled stands, and the organizers received numerous compliments from all twelve teams and officials of the European Athletic Federation.

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