Sandra Perković throwing discus today, Sara Kolak throwing spear tomorrow

European Team Athletics Championship – Second League begins today. The first competition is scheduled for 15 hours in the hammer throw for women. Of our representatives who have a great chance of winning gold medals, Olympic winner Sandra Perković performs today at 6:50 pm, Filip Mihaljević will throw the ball at 5:30 pm, and today also local representatives from AK Freedom are performing, Lucija Pokos competes today at 5:25 pm in the 100m race and will be in the 4x100m relay, and at 6:25 pm Kristina Dudek will perform in the 400m race.

Tomorrow is scheduled for the performance of Olympic Olympic winner Sarah Kolak who will throw her spear tomorrow at 6:40 pm, Ana Šimić, who also has a great chance of a gold medal in the high jump, will perform at 6:05 pm, while Kristina Dudek will perform at 4×400 meters at 7:20 pm and Mirko Mičuda will perform the hammer throw at 3:15 pm. See the entire competition schedule below. The Croatian national team is competing for one of the top seven places because the last five of the 12 countries in the Second League are relegated, and with the support of the audience, we are sure that our national team will succeed in that.

DAY 1 – Saturday, 10 August

15:00 Hammer Throw W
15:10 Pole Vault W
15:15 100m B race W
15:30 100m B race M
16:30 400m H W
16:45 400m H M
17:05 Triple Jump W
17:10 100m W
17:15 Javelin Throw M
17:25 100m M
17:30 Shot Put M
17:45 800m W
17:55 1500m M
18:05 3000m W
18:20 High Jump M
18:25 400m W
18:40 400m M
18:45 Long Jump M
18:50 Discus Throw W
18:55 3000m SC W
19:15 5000m M
19:35 4 x 100m Relay W
19:50 4 x 100m Relay M

DAY 2 – Sunday, 11 August Table

14:55 Pole Vault M
15:15 Hammer Throw M
16:45 100m H W
16:50 Triple Jump M
17:00 Discus Throw M
17:05 110m H M
17:15 Shot Put W
17:20 800m M
17:30 1500m W
17:45 3000m SC M
18:05 High Jump W
18:08 200m W
18:20 200m M
18:30 Long Jump W
18:35 5000m W
18:40 Javelin Throw W
19:00 3000m M
19:20 4 x 400m Relay W
19:40 4 x 400m Relay M
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