Two days of top athletics in Varaždin

We’re ready! The stadium is decorated, the competitors are maximally motivated, we have a top athletic event, which will offer the fans of the queen of sports two days of excellent athletics, I believe great results and a lot of excitement – said Ivan Veštić, President of the Croatian Athletic Association at a press conference held at the City Hall in Varaždin on the eve of the European Championships in Athletics – League Two, which will be held at the Freedom Stadium in Varaždin this Saturday and Sunday, August 10 and 11.

Commendations to the organizers of this athletic event were sent by Erich Teigamägi, a delegate of the European Athletic Federation, who wished all the competitors a lot of success and sports luck.

– Thank you to the City of Varaždin, the Croatian Athletic Association, the Local Organizing Committee and everyone who put a lot of effort into organizing this athletic event. Top athletes from 12 European countries will compete in Varaždin, competing for their national teams. Although this is a League 2 competition, quality is not a lower level of competition, indeed, so we expect a number of top athletic results and a great athletic competition – said Erich Teigamägi.

Welcome to the best athletes from 12 countries – Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovenia and Croatia, who will compete in 20 athletic disciplines, wished Sandra Malenica, Deputy Mayor of Varaždin, who stressed the satisfaction that the city of Varaždin, 30 years after the Junior Athletics Championships (JUPEA), again hosted a major athletic event.

– I am sure that Varaždin will once again be a good host and exemplary organizer, and that this European Championship will be a strong impetus for the further development and progress of athletics in our city, which has a rich and long sporting tradition – said the Deputy Mayor of Varaždin and called on fans of athletics in Varaždin to come to the renovated Sloboda Stadium this weekend and to cheerfully support the competitors who will participate in this attractive sporting event.

And that the athletic teams are satisfied with the conditions in Varaždin, pointed out Bulgarian sprinter Ivet Lalova, the 12th fastest woman in history in the 100 meters, with Sandra Perković and Sarah Kolak by far the biggest athletic name in this competition.

– Varaždin is a beautiful city, I feel at home here. As a Bulgarian, Croatia is very close to me and it is a real pleasure to be here. The accommodation in the Student dormitory is great, everything is new, nice and tidy. We are warmly welcomed, we have excellent conditions and I expect good results. I am well prepared and very motivated, I will do my best to bring points to my team, although the competition is very strong – said Bulgarian athlete Ivet Lalova.

Croatian athletes are also satisfied with the conditions in Varaždin, so Filip Mihaljević pointed out that, for example, in the throwing disciplines, excellent results are expected.

– I prefer competitions that are held in smaller cities, so it is a great pleasure for me to perform in Varaždin, which is a beautiful, historic city, with a long sports tradition. We trained hard, I had a back injury, I hope for a great result, as well as other members of the national team. I believe that we will take advantage of the home ground and with the support of the audience, wish to be promoted to the higher rank of this competition, that is, to maintain the current rank – said Filip Mihaljević, who threw 21.84 meters in Slovenska Bistrica in May this year. is his personal record, national record and one of the season’s best results.

The coach of the Croatian national athletic team, Mladen Katalinić, emphasized that our national teams are ready and highly motivated to perform in Varaždin.

– We had a lot of difficulties in preparation for this championship, but we are the right team and each of our athletes is ready to give our best. I believe that in two competitive days we will win more than 260 points, which should ensure that we remain in this ranking – said the coach Mladen Katalinić.

On behalf of the host – the Athletic Club Sloboda, the European Athletic Federation and the Croatian Athletic Federation, thanked Ivan Domislović, president of the Athletic Club Sloboda, who emphasized that excellent conditions for the further development of athletics were provided thanks to the hosting of the European Athletics Championship in Varaždin.

Competitions at the European Athletics Championship will start on Saturday, August 10th at 3 pm and admission to the Stadium Sloboda will be free of charge.

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