Varaždin welcomed the athletes

Varaždin residents on Stančić Square on Friday evening, the day before the European Athletics Championship, welcomed athletes from 12 countries who will participate in this athletic event with defile flags of participating countries and a great concert by the Scifidelity Orchestra from Čakovec.

Numerous Varaždin residents who enjoyed a great atmosphere at Stančić Square on Friday evening were welcomed by Sandra Malenica, Deputy Mayor of Varaždin, Ivan Veštić, President of the Croatian Athletic Federation and Erich Teigamägi, Delegate of the European Athletic Federation, who wished the participants of the European Athletics Championship a lot of sports success in this attractive competition.

– Enjoy, have fun, have fun, and tomorrow at the Freedom Stadium cheer our athletes – said the President of the Croatian Athletic Association to Varaždin.

He thanked the household and the warm welcome in Varaždin from the stage at Stančić Square, Erich Teigamägi.

– Varaždin will be the athletic capital of Europe this weekend. Be proud of hosting this great athletic event – noted Erich Teigamägi, and praised the efforts that have been made in organizing this athletic event.

Varaždin athletics lovers were also invited by the best Varaždin athlete Lucija Pokos to cheer.

– Come to Stadium Sloboda, your support will be very important to us to get the best results possible. Cheer up and enjoy top athletics – said Lucia Pokos.

The official part of the welcome parties ended with an attractive flag display of the participating countries, but the excellent performance of the Scifidelity Orchestra lasted until almost midnight.

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