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Since its creation, the development in the Middle Ages to this day, Varaždin has always been a city that its inhabitants loved, and the guests admired and praised it.

The city of Varaždin is located in the northwestern part of Croatia on the right bank of the river Drava. The altitude of the city varies between 169 and 173 meters. Varaždin is located at 16 ° 20 ‘ 16 “East longitude and 46 ° 18 ‘ 30” northern latitude. The mean annual temperature is 10 °c and the average humidity is 78%. The town is located along the river Dru, in a fertile alluvial plain descending towards the DRI in the direction Southwest – Northeast. To the south, the plain rises in Haloze and Varaždinsko-Toplička Gora. Its natural region is located on the border tris of Styria, Međimurja, Zagorje and Upper Podravina.

Varaždin has approximately 50 000 inhabitants, and is a cultural, educational, economic, sports and tourist center of northwestern Croatia.

He is the bearer of numerous awards and prizes:

Green Flower

  • Award of Croatian tourist Board for the most refined tourist place of continental Croatia-in succession from 2001. – 2007.
  • Green flower with a golden sign for long and continuous equipment and horticultural decoration 2008., 2009. and 2012.

Tourist flower – Quality for Croatia

  • Croatian Chamber of Commerce Award for the best tourist destination of Continental Croatia – 2006. – 2010. Year
  • Special acknowledgement and statue for multi-annual quality in the category of tourist places of Continental Croatia – 2011.
  • Croatian Chamber of Commerce Award for best Croatian Continental tourist destination – 2014.

Silver Flower of EUROPE

  • As part of the “Entente Florale Europe” award, the Silver Flower of Europe was awarded to Varaždin 2011. Year for the achieved level of quality of life

The city of Varaždin is the main city of Varaždin County, one of the oldest in Croatia. The county encompasses the northwest part of Croatia. It spreads on an area of 1247 km2 on which, according to the last census of the population from 2001. Year, lives 183,730 inhabitants, the end of which is one of the most crowded in Croatia.

The decisions of the City Council of Varaždin relations between friendships and partnerships have been established with the cities (chronologically):

Montale (Italy), Trnava (Slovakia), Ravensburg (Germany), Bad Radkersburg (Austria), Ptuj (Slovenia), Zalaegerszeg (Hungary), Auxerre (France) and Koblenz (Germany)

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